About Us

Established in 1988, as one of the main enterprise of Vango Group, Guangdong Vango Cable Industry Co., Ltd., the Guangdong Top 100 Private enterprise and VIP Service Key Enterprise in Guangdong Province, is an excellent technical private enterprise growing with the pace of Chinese economic reform and opening. It is the main supplier of cable & conductor and special transmission conductor of National Power Grid and China Southern Power Grid. The comprehensive strength of Vango Company ranks top 20 of the cable industry in China and top 5 of the Guangdong province. "Guang" products are branded as the Guangdong Top Brand Products and "Guang" brand was recognized as "Chinese Famous Trademark" by Trademark Bureau of National Commercial and Industrial Bureau of CPC. Vango company is the member of the National Standardization Committee, and it has drawn up and revised 12 sets of national and industrial standards.